Park Tayrona

Conveniently located 10 km from Park Tayrona, Rancho Relaxo is a perfect location for a day trip. We can give you first hand advice on where to go and help plan your adventure at no extra charge! We want you to love it as much as we do! If your traveling on a shoe string, we can make your trip to the park as inexpensive as possible. Hopefully this will allow to see more of what beautiful Colombia has to offer.

Ciudad Perdida

Start your trek to the fabled lost city of Ciudad Perdida in comfort. Ciudad Perdida is an archeological site that dates back to 800 AD, some 650 years earlier then Perus Machu Picchu. We are only 4 km from the entrance and we can arrange for pick ups and drop offs to and from the Ranch, for what will sure to be a unforgettable experience.

Quebrada Valencia

We are a quick 1km away from a spectacular waterfall in Quebraba Valencia. You make it by just walking or via bus. A great day trip for those who want to go for a small hike in the jungle.

Tubing in Palomino

This one is a Ranch favorite. Only 30 minutes away, Palomino hosts a spectacular river that will leave a lasting impression. We offer group trips with our guests, or if you prefer a solo float there is a 30 minute bus ride to Palomino. The river ends at the ocean where you can grab a bite to eat, go for a dip and enjoy the sunset.

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Activities on the Ranch

In addition to fantastic day trips we offer a number of activities on ranch for travelers who just want to kick back and relax. Yoga and massages for those seeking extra that extra dose of relaxation. Pristine waterfalls to explore and cool yourself in. Small hikes to look out points where you can take in the beautiful views of Colombia. We are also a quick walk away from the beautiful Caribbean beaches if your looking to relax and bask in the sun.

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